Party DJ

Parrish Productions can help you celebrate your event whether it's your wedding, mitvah, graduation, anniversary, holiday, or any other gathering of friends and family.

Intimate DJ

Even for smaller low profile events, Parrish Productions can provide the mood.

Large Event DJ

Parrish Productions is your exclusive DJ for large corporate and non profit annual events and fund raisers.


Wide range of Female and Male vocal styles from Country to Pop for your special event can be handled by Parrish Productions.


Parrish Productions can provide any ensemble, background music, and live music in all styles from Country, Pop, and Classical.


From singing to popping out of a cake, Parrish Productions can make any moment a surprise.


Parrish Productions can arrange all things funny from large ensembles to 4 person stand up comedy routines and from solo acts to audience participation improvs.